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93 Years Old Grandma Reached 567,000 Miles In Her 1964 Mercury Classic Car.

Ninety-three years old grandmother Rachel Veitch was a nurse who worked as LPN, and she retired in 1990 from the FL Hospital South Critical Care Unit. This woman was born in Erie, Pa, on August 8, 1918. Rachel is a loving mother of four children and became famous with her trip to the moon and back.

photo – Fox News

Her trip distance with the 1964 Mercury Comet classic car was more than it. Nearly 567,000 miles Rachel has driven around.

She bought her “Chariot” in February 1964 from a car dealer in Sanford for $ 3,289. Actually, Rachel’s classic car is older than her three marriages. It has undergone many changes, including eight mufflers, at least 18 batteries, three shocks absorbed, and countless oil changes.

She used to say Chariot as “she” or “her.” According to this lady, her Chariot never lied to her or cheated on her; she could always depend on her classic car.


Rachel said that she and her last husband divorced in 1975, and he took the 1972 Pontiac they had, and she kept the Chariot. She bet he has changed many cars by now, and she still has her Chariot, her faithful pal.

Moreover, she said she had featured her classic car in several car shows around the country. In the year 2007, she participated in her 70th high school reunion after a long way to Pennsylvania.


According to Rachel, she maintained this classic car in good condition except for her husband. This car has automatic transmission, frosty air conditioning, and a can running for 15 miles per gallon. She has a habit of writing down the mileage, the date, and miles per gallon she gets when she buys gas.


Veitch got into an accident in 1980. Her car endured a rear-end collision while she drove along I-95 in GeorgiVeitch’s dream car was renovated in 2002 after obtaining a ticket to travel at a speed of 92 mph in a 55 mph zone. Rachel credited her immense, insane commitment to this classic car as the main reason why the vehicle has been in her care for nearly half a century. Veitch said People don’t want to talk to her anymore. “They’re tired of hearing about her chariot.”

Rachel was also an active member of different organisations. The National Association of Antique Car Club nicknamed Rachel’s 1964 Mercury Comet Caliente as the “La Chariot”.

She was legally blind because of the macular degeneration in both her eyes, which comes with aging, and could not drive her sweet Chariot after age 94. “I would not dream of driving that classic car again, I know I’m not safe enough to drive, but I have taken it in stride, She said.

At age 98, Rachel Veitch passed away on May 11, 2017, in Orlando – Florida, after reaching the end of her life journey.

Photo – Wisconsin Museum website

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